COVID-19 Guidelines

As the UK Government restrictions imposed due to Coronavirus are changing, so is the guidance for self catering accommodation, and we are endeavouring to keep up with latest recommendations. When we reopened to guests July 2020, we were awarded the Good to Go accreditation and the AA Covid-19 Confident Assessment, but those industry standards have now been downgraded. As Covid is still with us, we feel there is little need to change our approach to the protocols introduced in the early days of the pandemic.

We still try to avoid any close face to face contact with our guests. Our ‘Check-in’ procedures are minimal, as bookings have been made well in advance. While you are at Honeysuckle Lodge contact can be made by phone, text or email should there be any issues.

We have revised our Terms and Conditions to take account of cancellation due to Coronavirus, and will still be happy to refund guests in full if they are unable to travel due to local Tier restrictions or national Lockdown should any of these be re-imposed. We require a 30% Holding Deposit to book your preferred dates, but this will be refunded in full if you are unable to travel due to Covid, or if we are not able to open the cottage to guests again.

We are no longer required to hold Track and Trace information about guests, however we would ask guests to kindly inform us if they develop Covid symptoms while at the cottage and ask that they complete any required isolation at home.

Covid is still with us and we will maintain our rigorous cleaning regime.

We installed a foot operated hand sanitising station in the entrance hallway, and have no plans to remove this from the cottage. Non essential items that cannot be sanitised have been taken out of the cottage. Please let us know if there is something missing from the cottage that you would expect to be provided.

Other items such as duvets and pillows, together with information leaflets and maps have been grouped into blue or green week items to match your door key fobs. Our cleaning procedures have been updated in line with latest recommended standards. Tv remotes will still be sealed in plastic pouches, and packs of bathroom and cleaning products will be prepared well in advance of your stay.

Laminated ‘Welcome to Honeysuckle Cottage’ sheets have been prepared detailing all the changes that will affect your stay, in line with Social Distancing Advice, and Industry Standards for self catering accommodation. There are two Information Folders, blue or green, with laminated sheets of instructions for appliances etc. and instructions for your departure.

If any of your party do feel unwell or show signs of Coronavirus please inform us immediately and contact NHS 111 or NHS 119. You will receive further advice from them about arranging a Covid test, and please follow the current Government Guidelines for any required isolation.

Duvets and pillows all have protectors and are changed between parties of guests. Beds will be made up to your requirements before your arrival. However you are asked to strip the beds: duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, and mattress and pillow protectors, along with towels, bath mats, and kitchen linen, should be placed into the clear plastic bin liners and laundry bags provided, ready for collection. A separate bag will be provided for duvets and pillows, which will be stored for at least 72 hours before re-use. Along with our rigorous cleaning regime, these measures were introduced to reduce viral transmission as far as possible, and practicable, for all our guests, and to protect our cleaning staff. We feel that as Covid numbers continue to cause concern, we should maintain these sensible precautions.

As part of the Check-out procedure, you will also be asked to empty the fridge/freezer and place all rubbish in the appropriate bins outside.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Guidelines may still change from day to day, if a new variant is detected.

Our new leaflets are available to download, but they may be out of date before they even reach the website!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our protocols.