COVID-19 Guidelines

As the UK Government relaxes restrictions imposed due to Coronovirus, the guidance for self catering accommodation is changing rapidly, but we are endeavouring to keep up with daily bulletins and new recommendations. We have been awarded the Good to Go accreditation.

Meantime we are preparing for the battle against Coronavirus.

We have installed a foot operated hand sanitising station in the entrance hallway. Some non essential items that cannot be sanitised have been removed from the cottage, grouping others together into blue or green week items to match your door key fobs. Our cleaning procedures have been updated in line with new industry standards, and our checklist ( see below) will be available in your Arrival pack. Tv remotes will be in sealed plastic pouches, and packs of bathroom and cleaning items will be prepared well in advance of your stay.

Also in the pack is a new laminated ‘Welcome to Honeysuckle Cottage’ leaflet detailing all the changes that will affect your stay, in line with Social Distancing Advice, and you will be asked to complete a medical form for all members of your party regarding Covid-19 experience. We are obliged to retain these details and telephone contacts for 21 days following your departure, to be released to NHS Track and Trace Teams, only if requested to do so. In line with GDPR, your details will then be destroyed. We will call you during your stay to make sure no-one has Covid symptoms, and again several days after you have left in order to complete the Covid enquiry form.

If any of your party do feel unwell or show signs of Coronavirus you must inform us immediately and contact NHS 111 or NHS 119 for further advice. The patient must self isolate at the cottage along with the rest of your party and book a Coronavirus test, in line with Government guidelines. You are asked to let us know the result, to be recorded on your Covid-19 enquiry form. There is no problem if the test result is negative. A positive test means that your party must self isolate at home for the following 14 days and therefore arrange to leave as soon as possible. If the patient is too ill to travel home you will be liable for the cost of remaining at the cottage beyond your departure date. We can arrange for delivery of essential items to the cottage if necessary during your quarantine.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Guidelines may change from day to day.

Our new leaflets are available to download, but please be aware they may be out of date before they even reach the website!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our new protocols.